If I can’t trust the mailman to mail my letter who can I trust

On my way to the corner store to grab some cigarettes I stopped to check my mail and I got a magazine (people, thank you reward survey) and a letter from disability which I thought was their decision. So I opened the letter and was it their decision? oh no.

The letter stated that they hadn’t yet received a form they wanted me to fill out that they sent to me on July 11th. A form that I filled out and handed directly to the mailman to mail for me. A form that apparently didn’t get mailed, WTF.

Would it have been better for me to walk to the mailbox and mail it? apparently, I tried to call the office but it’s Friday and they were already closed. I left a message but the letter said they need the form by July 31st which is Monday. A form that I no longer have. Guess who will be getting up early Monday morning and calling to see if they can send me a replacement form. One that I will be dropping in the mailbox since the mailman can no longer be trusted.

OpinionPLUS paid me but

After several emails back and forth, OpinionPLUS did pay me but they aren’t going on my list. I screenshot my reply (okay threat to them) and their reply was basically that they paid what they owed me but unless I verify my paypal account they couldn’t offer me anymore surveys.

My email basically said, that they could pay me via amazon and I recommended they offer amazon as an alternative to pay people who don’t have verified accounts. I also stated that I wasn’t making another paypal account just for their company and if they didn’t pay me. I told them that I had a blog and I wouldn’t refer anyone to their company so they paid me what they owed me.

You can sign up with them but do so at your own risk and be prepared that if you don’t have a verified account to argue with them about paying you.



I also discovered a new app called lifepoints which is offered through gobaltestmarkets (they are on my list) so I am pretty sure they pay but I will let you know. Also I have been under the weather so I haven’t felt like being online, I wanted to take a few days to calm down before I wrote this post.

I am going to make a scam list for survey sites

So I am waiting for a survey site I haven’t been paid from yet to pay me. So today I get a email from paypal that a penny was dropped in my account.  I go and read the message from the company that dropped a penny. They don’t want to pay me because my paypal isn’t verified and they don’t have another option for cash out.

Ya’ll already know my feelings on linking my bank account to paypal. Which is the only way to get a verified account.  there are whole sites dedicated to people who have been fucked over by paypal. here is one another one.

So I go over to the survey site and I send them an email basically telling them that I am not verifying my paypal account and that they can send me an amazon gift card. I also told them perhaps they should also offer another way to cash out like amazon.

I haven’t heard back if they don’t send me my money either via paypal or amazon. I am making a scam site list, and they are going on it.

Proof the survey sites on my list pay


Vetro Analytics inc is smart panel app, I have heard some rumors that smart panel doesn’t pay as you can see they do pay.

Tango card inc is Innopoll

Augeo incentive logic, LLC is springboardamerica from the app beta I did for them a couple months ago

Perks.com is Global Test Market

Quickrewards network is quickrewards.com (they are not on my list)

Branded Research, Inc is mintvine

Atta poll, LTD is the app atta poll

OneOpinion.com is oneopinion


I blacked out where a friend sent me money…The sites I haven’t listed in this post but are listed on the surveys list page, pay via amazon or other gift card.


I read for fun…get over it

I get asked by people that don’t know me what I like to do for fun? When I answer I like to read, I always get the same reply. I either get “No I meant like to have a good time” or I get a stare and a shake of their head. I don’t know what ya’ll want me to say, that is what I do for fun.

In my twenties I smoked weed damn near every day, I drank a lot. I had several friends both male and female that I hung out with. Just like I remember the first time I ever smoked; it was in ECC North campus parking lot with a friend of mine, I was eighteen. I remember the day I quit; June nineteenth two-thousand nine. 

I don’t knock anyone who smokes, I have several friends and even family members who smoke. More power to you, however that’s not me anymore. To be honest I don’t even drink like that, ever since I blacked out for six hours back in  09…I rarely drink.

My point is some people look at me and think…I’m weird because I don’t party.

I think that’s why I connected with my SO so fast when I met him almost five years ago. When He asked what I liked to do for fun and I gave him my answer. I didn’t get that weird look, instead he told me he also enjoyed reading. When I went to the library on a regular basis, I would get books for him and myself. We would sit together and read.

Stop looking at people who don’t like the same things you do, as being weird or abnormal.  I read for fun, I go to libraries for fun. You like to go to clubs and parties? okay….don’t drink and drive. have fun. I’ll be reading.

More drama

So N has gotten so many complaints to the office about her, (someone told me they were number eighteen) that management is evicting her. I personally didn’t complain but N thinks I did, Yesterday a friend of mine got a note under her door and went and told management about it. Then today she got another note naming a mutual friend of ours and me, I don’t like drama at all and I am being pulled into this which frankly I am not one of the people who complained about her.

N is the type of person who will smoke a blunt with you and then go in the bathroom and call the cops. Then when your house is getting raided, act all innocent like she has no clue what is going on. In other words she’s fake.  She loves to pin people against each other and when confronted, she cries and runs away.

If I have a problem with you, You’ll know about it. I’ll be the one to tell you.

I have been looking for an apartment and I am thinking of getting one with a friend of mine, I already put my notice in and have just been pushing it back until I find a new apartment.

Sample sites and how they work

There are a lot of sites that send full size or sample size products out in exchange for a review/survey or both. You can get the samples and not do the review or survey they request but you’ll end up on their don’t send this person anymore samples list and they won’t send you any samples. There are three main sites that I personally use and those are;

PinchMe ; This site has sample days once a month and its always on a Tuesday, their next sample day is the 18th. You are going to want to like their facebook page and say your going to their sample event. That way they will send you an email on sample tuesday and remind you. On pinchme you have to go on their site on sample day and collect. You are going to want to be on there right at noon, so they don’t run out of samples before you get yours. It doesn’t say to be there at noon but as someone who has been using this site for a year, trust me you want to be there at noon.  Then do the surveys/reviews they request of you if you want them to continue sending you samples.

samplesource.com ; This site sends samples whenever they have them and sometimes with an email that you have a box coming. Like with pinchme, they will send you a survey to fill out about the samples they have sent.

getexactly.co ; This site sends boxes out every season, I believe their next box is this month. Like samplesource they will just send the box out and like the two above they want you to review their products.


There are some companies that if you are on their mailing list they will send full sized products in exchange for a review. Dove is one of those companies.

The problem with not having a verified paypal account

The main problem with not having a verified paypal account is….

Sometimes some survey sites won’t pay you via paypal unless you have a verified account.

This is not a big issue for me as I will just cash out via amazon or another gift card (if they offer).

I don’t have a verified account, for one I don’t trust paypal to have access to my bank account and the other is as I told a friend of mine a couple of weeks ago, I like to keep my bank account and my paypal account separate. My bank account is for my rent & my bills, My paypal account (I have a business account so I have a debt card for paypal) is for my fun money.




Last night I was fed up with media not letting me upload the header so  I just went in and edited the php. I didn’t want to do that because I am not used to using PHP, when I had a website in my late teens/early twenties…nobody was using wordpress back then. I figured it out though.

A friend of mine told me yesterday that I should be able to get a free bus pass every month since I am on disability. When I spoke to my case manager this afternoon it was something I mentioned when I asked her about the housing. She recommend that I let the office in my apartment building, know to push back my sixty day notice to September. She also said that I probably wouldn’t get a bus pass for July which is fine, I can buy one. She said she would try to get me one for August though so I don’t have to pay to get to my doctors appointments and such.

S told me awhile ago that I should try and get cabs to my appointments as I probably could with my breathing problems & arthritis. I never wanted to though, for one I don’t mind taking the metro…I never have. The other reason is waiting for a cab…is a pain in the ass, I’ve waited with S for plenty. I’d get home much faster if I just took the bus.

I stayed off of social media last night and all day, so no one could spoil the finale of PPL for me…I just finished watching it.

This is why……

/Edit: Its wordpress…hopefully this theme works with the header I have…when wordpress stops being a bitch and lets me upload.  I like this theme/Edit



SO has asked me plenty of times why I don’t make websites professionally and the reason…the real reason is…sometimes it frustrates the hell out of me.

Last night I was going to edit the theme to match the rest of my site and wordpress kept (and is still) giving me an error when I try to upload a new header. I was literally screaming at my laptop last night.

I may have to change the theme… maybe its the theme not wordpress that is giving me an error.