10 Random Facts Monday

I’ve been seriously slacking on my writing, so while SO is at work (on monday, he usually has off) I thought I would try to get one chapter each written for the four fiction novels and maybe one for the non fiction, today. This is exactly the reason that if I do get published I want it to be on my terms, I don’t like being told I have to write.


10 Random FactsI haven’t done this in a couple months.

  • I hate being told that I have to do something, this includes cleaning and writing. I’d rather do something when the mood hits rather then being on a deadline
  •  I love music, it is like oxygen to me and my tastes vary…I will listen to anything
  • My favorite song changes at the moment it is stuck between Say you won’t let go by James Arthur and Stand by you by Rachel Platten
  • I don’t have a favorite book…. I have many favorite books, asking me to pick is like asking me which arm I’d like to keep….I can’t choose.
  • I can be outgoing and talkative but I can also be shy and reserved, its the gemini in me.
  • I can not spell to save my life, I use spell check a lot….if I had to spell to literally save my life, I’d be dead
  • I have a really big heart, if I can afford to help someone, I will. Sometimes people take advantage.
  • The closest person I currently have as a female best friend, I have only known a year I met her a week before my birthday, last year
  • I have a really bad temper, I don’t lose my cool a lot but when I do nothing and no one can calm me down. Its best not to continue pushing my buttons when I get like that.
  • I hold grudges, like you wouldn’t believe. I don’t hate anyone but there are some people that I dislike greatly, enough to where if they were on fire…I would walk right past them.

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