New novel

I have started working on a new novel called Unhappily Ever After


Having a name like Romance should have guaranteed a little bit of good luck, however having the name Dead as a last name cancels out her luck…completely. A thirty-something year old who leaves a trail of broken relationships in her path…..not just her own either.


What do you think? would you read it or is it not your style?

Bored with life & with drama

I am bored with this blog, the site in general and my life to be frank, which is why I haven’t been blogging and why my site hasn’t any visitors (besides from fanlisting owners who come to check that I’ve linked back) and I want to do something about that. I am planning a complete overhall, hopefully to be completed by mid-month or this weekend (depending on if I can’t sleep and have enough coffee in me).

I have reached a point in my life where I am considering stopping communication with certain female people I call friends, I have never had so much drama in my life (in that department anyways) before I moved into this hell hole that they call an apartment building.

The building itself is not worth what the landlord charges for it, they don’t allow pets but that’s okay because the building comes with mice….yes for 600+ you too can have a small studio with everything included + mice. The landlord doesn’t care and will do nothing besides providing traps that don’t catch shit. Besides that I have been here a little over a year and seven people have died since I moved in, I believe the grim reaper is taking up residence here.

Now back to drama, there is this girl that moved in over the summer R and I have a friend N who is hates this girl on the sole fact of …… her man was in R’s face, I don’t have a problem with R at all and I think she is a very nice girl who has been nothing but kind to me. N comes to my apartment every morning and wants to unload drama (talk shit) about R and a mutual friend of ours S and I don’t like drama….I have very few female friends because of this.

I have held my tongue for long enough and next time N mentions R or S in anything drama like I am going to snap.

Needed to vent, Thanks.

Revamp and updates

I haven’t really been working on my site as of late, I am planning on doing a site-wide revamp coming up next month, probably next weekend. I have been sick and in pain, as the weather here in Buffalo has been warm-cold-warm-raining-snow-repeat and it’s messing with my allergies & my arthritis.

Coming in this revamp is new layout/theme, new subpages, ect.

I have moved my linked fanlistings off wordpress and you can find them at

Writers block and life in general

I recently received a letter from social security that my disability case is under review, to my knowledge they haven’t reviewed my case in the past so I suppose I am due but it still scares the crap out of me. At this point disability is my main source of income, I use it to pay my rent and the rest of my monthly bills so getting cut off suddenly is a major problem and scary as hell for me. I haven’t worked since 2007 and frankly being forced to go out and maintain a full time job is just scary, part of my major fear is that having panic attacks (not to be confused with anxiety attacks) in a public setting that I will have to push through and stay in, in order to keep a job is not something I have dealt well with in the past.

I have gotten much better then I was, in the past in 07-08 because of the panic attacks I was faced with on a daily basis left me pretty much house-bound for over a year and I was diagnosed back then with agoraphobia because being around large crowds sent me into freezing up and getting out of the situation quickly. I still don’t do well with large crowds and pretty much avoid concerts and festivals because of it. However I can now go to the grocery store without freaking out, which was near possible for me in that time in my life.

I have things I do to make money online that doesn’t effect my disability and affords me extra money to spend on things such as books and things I like that I can’t afford with my check every month….extra things. I have been looking into working from home in a way where I can get off disability once and for all. So that has taken up much of my free time.

I also have been suffering from a great deal of writers block, I really want to complete a book this year and have been trying to work through my annoyance with not having any ideas.

I am not going to promise to blog more because I don’t keep promises, those who know me well with nod in agreement with this statement.