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Things have been really stressful as far as me not talking to my family and with Christmas on Sunday, I spent thanksgiving alone for the first time ever and I don’t know what is going on with Christmas. I have reached out to my mom a couple of times and she’s text back but my step father does not want to talk to me at all and my mom is backing him. I have been trying to keep busy but have been pretty depressed and haven’t felt like blogging or being around anyone period.

A couple of days ago I found a desk that someone was throwing out while I was taking my trash out and my friend Nancy and I somehow got it upstaris to my apartment.

 – It was free and I needed a desk for my computer.


When I first moved in here I moved in with a bed, my laptop, a tv and my clothes and that was it. The last couple of months someone gave me a coffeemaker, a microwave and stand & a toaster for free – different people.

I ordered a mousepad from amazon today, I had a gift card balance so I used it up on a mousepad but it won’t be here until after the new year.  I am hoping things will get better after the new year.

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