Apps & Surveys that pay

Here is a list of the apps & surveys that I have personally been paid from

Smart Panel:

Install an app on your phones & laptop, keep it there and they will pay you five dollars a month for having the app installed. You have to wait thirty days (after you’ve made ten dollars), they pay via paypal and I have cashed out twice. They also email surveys sometimes and I’ve done a couple of those and received gift cards for amazon. The app takes up little space and its free money, for doing nothing.


This site offers PTC (paid to click), surveys, offers. If you just do their paid to click ads it will take you forever, the money is in their surveys. I have been paid by check (the first time you cashout with them, your only option is a check as they want to verify addresses, after that you can get paid online), they do not offer paypal anymore but they offer tango who has amazon gift cards. I have been paid by this company twice now.


this site offers surveys that fill up quickly so you have to stay on top of your email, I have cashed out with them twice via amazon GC.


This is an app available in the google play store and similar to the smart panel, keep it installed and they pay in points (10 a day) which after time you can cash out via amazon, I’ve cashed out twice with this app. They also offer surveys.

Panel app:

This is another app in the google play store, leave it installed and answer quick surveys to rack up your points (mostly about places you have gone during certain days), you can wait until have enough points for a gift card or check or you can use your points and try to win one. I won a gift card from them and cashed out twice.


survey site that pays in points, if you don’t qualify they still give you 5 points and after every survey you have a chance to play their poll predictor which gives you a chance to win prizes. I have cashed out with them once via amazon, they offer other gift cards as well as paypal.


This site is different it’s not really just surveys, it is more like a community with polls, topics, surveys and discussion. They pay in points (different things offer different points) and the pay via amazon gift cards. I have cashed out with this company five times and its a fun place to expression your own personal opinions.

Mobile Performance Meter: app in google play store

The device runs in the background on your phone and pays 5 points a day, offers many different ways to cash out (mostly gift cards).


This is an app in the google play store, it pays via paypal but you will need 500 credits to cash out the first time. They send surveys pretty often, 500 credits = $6.54 for me and they sent the money to my account right away.


This site is kind of different, in that, the payment is instant per survey and you can cash out via paypal or amazon. Also if you don’t qualify, they give you a loyalty star and when you get three, you get two dollars via paypal or amazon. They send both emails & text for surveys and most work on smartphones.


Pays in points and you should check the website every day, there are quick surveys in which you can earn points. You need at least 4000 to cash out and they have gift cards.


Pays in points, 1000 ponts = 10 dollars, you need at least 1000 points to cash out and they pay via amazon gift cards & paypal. They send surveys whenever there is a new survey and you want to do their poll daily too because it pays 5 points. After I cashed out, it took about three days for the money to hit my paypal account but they do pay so that is why they are on my list.


You need 25,000 points to cash out here, that equals 25 dollars. They don’t send daily surveys although you should see emails from them daily, you have to go to the site and qualify. The first 5 surveys you don’t qualify for they give you 50 points per survey, thats 250 points a day. They pay via amazon & paypal and it only took about 15 minutes for the money to hit my paypal account.