Shopping and Reading

I’ve read and finished five books to add to my list.

In Love with dope boy 3 – Treasure Bee
In Love with a dope boy 4 – Treasure Bee
Hood Love – Leondra lerae
Hood Love 2 – Leondra Lerae
Hood Love 3 – Leondra Lerae

and I’ve done some shopping on amazon, I had 15 dollars worth of gift cards for amazon and didn’t want to buy any books, so instead I bought this and it should be here by next week. It’s has been sitting in my wishlist for a couple of weeks and has a lot of good reviews.

New books


Status – Jordan Belcher

Status 2 – Jordan Belcher

Status 3 – Jordan Belcher

Easy bake coven – Liz Schulte

Hungry, Hungry Hoodoo – Liz Schulte

Pickup Styx – Liz Schulte

Selfie – Jordan Belcher

Kismet – Raynesha Pittman

Kismet 2 – Raynesha Pittman

Kismet 3 – Raynesha Pittman

In love with a dope boy – Treasure Bee

In love with a dope boy 2 – Treasure Bee


Reading now

Tiddly Jinx – Liz Schulte

In love with a dope boy 3 – Treasure Bee

Another sleepless night

I guess tonight will be another sleepless night, it’s only 1:03am but I can feel it. For now the wifi connection is holding steady (if my rent wasn’t so expensive I’d have my own private wifi) even though a couple of hours ago it kept dropping and I was yelling, pissed. I saw there was a hit and run around the area that D lives in (around ten pm), so I sent him a text making sure he was okay and He just called me back (about a half hour ago). I am currently reading blogs (something I rarely do) and listening to music on Pandora.

My migraine is still holding strong, I wanted to read for a while (the first book I am doing for my reading challenge) from my pounding head is making it impossible to read via the kindle app on my phone.  I am getting a lot of visitors from Buffalo and it is making me kind of nervous that I know these people, say something…comment.

I am getting tired of the black/red combo, going to have to change that soon…maybe something more spring/summer like.

Reading Challenge ; 3/23/17

I have a ton of books and most of them are ebooks, I have been meaning to go through them as they take up a lot of room on my laptop which I need for other things. So starting today I am going to challenge myself to read 80 books by October 23rd. Now I am known for not following up on things so I am going to make some rules for myself.

  • If I start a book, I have to finish it for it, even if it is boring and not interesting to me
  • I can only delete a ebook from my massive library after I have read it
  • I will only add it to the list once I am finished
  • I will only count books I haven’t already finished and loved as part of this challenge