I hate summer colds

I have been really sick with what I think is a cold mixed with some sort of stomach bug, what ever it is has me completely worn out and I hate it. I have been feeling like this since June 1st so I am thinking I got it from someone on the bus. Wifi is working for a change on a weekend *surprise surprise* so I am trying to update.

I have also been reading a lot and catching up on a couple of shows (Izombie & PLL), I am caught up to season three on Izombie and am taking a break and now watching PLL from the beginning.

SO has court for this dumb ass jay walking charge tomorrow, he got it in April for crossing the street on his way to work. If you follow me on twitter, I ranted about him being stopped for WWB (I trust you know what that means without me having to spell it out, its the same as DWB). Both he and I are surprised that he has to go to court for this BS, The cop car stopped before he crossed the street. Hopefully the judge will just dismiss the charge because its dumb.

I have my own issues with police in this city, but that is another story for another time. He’ll probably have to sit in court all day, I am sure there are more pressing issues the judge will need to deal with first.

Remixed telling of fairy tales ; A is for Adam

If you know me personally you know that I love to read and have since I was very young. You’d also know that I am very picky and tend to re-read my favorite authors books over and over, Rather then reading books from authors I never have before. However recently I have been venturing into unknown ground and am currently getting several authors newsletters as well as following them on social media.

I received a newsletter a couple of days ago with recommendations as well as summaries for an author named Marc Richard. Before a couple of days ago I had never heard of him before so I went to his website: http://marcrichardauthor.com/ and found out that by signing up for his newsletter I would receive the first three novellas of The Alphabet Series in exchange for a review.

If you would rather not review, they are on amazon both as separate items and as a box set here.

I have gotten a lot of ebooks for free in exchange for reviews, in which I have given both good and bad reviews on depending on my personal preference how much I did or didn’t enjoy the book.With that being said, here is my review of the first novella in the series: A is for Adam.


A is for Adam is a retelling of the Book of Genesis…Kind of. It’s actually a complete misunderstanding of the first book in the Bible. If you have a huge stick up your ass otherwise known as living without any sense of humor, you shouldn’t read this book or any of these books in the series.

For the rest of you, I don’t often recommend books but everyone (18+, kids shouldn’t read these books) should read these. I made the mistake of reading while I was eating lunch and almost choked I was laughing so hard and the fact I couldn’t put it down until the last page made the experience even better.


This book goes off the meter with me when it comes to star rating system. Five stars all the way.






Stop remaking The Amityville movie ; Please.

Came across this article tonight and someone is attempting to remake this movie again for what seems like the ninth time, the idea is dead and its been done over and over and over. I, myself, haven’t seen any of the movies because I think they are dumb in all honesty, The other major reason is that the murders really happened and I think it’s in bad taste to make movies about “supposed demons” being the reason that this family’s son killed them.

The true story has been over dramatized on film and people seem to forget (or don’t even know) that people were really murdered in that house.

I really think people are running out of good ideas for horror movies, the same ideas just keep getting used,

Three ways I save money on a monthly basis

Three ways that I personally use to save money every month

On Food: We all need food and food costs a lot of money.

At our house we order a monthly meat package, the place we order from delivers and has a lot of different meat packages as well as deli packages. This month we started ordering a deli package as well as a meat package and then just filled in at our local grocery store. Ordering a meat and deli package is way cheaper then buying meat at the grocery store and we get more bang for our buck. If you live in the Buffalo area I recommend Bobs Price Rite. They offer same day delivery if you order before Ten that morning. The delivery people are really nice and if you spend more then Twenty dollars you get a free box of little debby snacks, We ordered both a meat and deli package this month so we got two boxes.

On Laundry:

We rarely do laundry at a laundromat and we really only do big items there like blankets. A year and a half ago, money was really tight and we didn’t have extra money for anything and we were even had to go to food pantries monthly (this was before we started ordering meat packages). We had to do laundry by hand and what we have found is that it saves us a lot of money and even though we are not in the same place (money wise) as we were then, we still do laundry by hand.

On Entertainment:

I don’t pay for things I can get for free and this includes books,movies,tv shows,games,ect…there are plenty of ways around paying for things online. For ebooks, I have a very large section of ebooks and if you want a book (even new releases) I can get it for you…just comment. Tv shows & movies: Putlocker & 123movies are the sites that I personally use.


Awake 48 hrs & counting

As of midnight I had been awake for 48 hours, I spent Friday night downloading custom content for the sims, surfing sims forums and building a house in the sims. Last night I decided to work on this site and it took me two hours and I am still not tired.

I made separate layouts for different sections: Webmistress, Writings (poetry,stories,ect) & site info. I was going to work on those sections tonight (this morning) however I don’t feel like it. The layouts are done (graphic wise), I just have to code and get the pages up.

The three sections each have their own layout (They look the same, just different colors) and won’t be on wordpress. As I complete them, I will link them on the index. The writing one will probably be up last as it will be the most time consuming.

When I am done with these, I will keep them & change the layouts as I change this one so they match somewhat. This is my birthday layout and there won’t be another until at least late August.

I don’t plan on spending much time at home this summer. I am going to attempt to get some sleep, can’t wait until Monday.

Extreme violence mod & house I built

I built this house today and its the first one I felt really comfortable uploading to the gallery, it’s a one bedroom 2 bathroom. The first floor is an open floor plan and the second floor is the master bedroom & master bath. It’s on the gallery, my origin name is Joleneisjojo


So I am on the sims studio forum and I come across the extreme violence mod: here is the trailer

I downloaded it but haven’t played it in game yet. I’ve been getting bored with game play, so I am going to test it out today.



Bought a new game

I finally bought the sims 4 base game last month and I know I am all late, I bought it because it was on sale at amazon for twenty dollars and I had amazon gift cards and I was only short six dollars. D was playing xbox when I saw it was on sale so I told him it was twenty dollars and I was short six, and he handed me his card and told me to get it so I did.

I haven’t been playing that much but when I got paid, I paid for a VIP membership at thesimsresource , mostly because I was sick of the ads and it was only three dollars. I have been doing a lot of downloading. Today I got the amazon gift card in the mail from tellwut for ten dollars and I wanted to buy a stuff pack.

I ended up with the bowling one, it looks fun.

Remakes vs Originals

In general I usually prefer the original movie to the remake of a movie, especially horror movie remakes. I hated rob zombie’s remake of the first two Halloween movies but enjoy watching the original series. The remake of Stephen King’s IT is coming out in September 2017 and I am not expecting it to be better then the original to tell you the truth.

I saw IT for the first time when I was eight or nine and the movie did then and still does give me nightmares, This movie is the main reason of my fear of clowns.

What movie remakes do you prefer over the originals?
Are Originals always better then remakes in your opinion?