Awake 48 hrs & counting

As of midnight I had been awake for 48 hours, I spent Friday night downloading custom content for the sims, surfing sims forums and building a house in the sims. Last night I decided to work on this site and it took me two hours and I am still not tired.

I made separate layouts for different sections: Webmistress, Writings (poetry,stories,ect) & site info. I was going to work on those sections tonight (this morning) however I don’t feel like it. The layouts are done (graphic wise), I just have to code and get the pages up.

The three sections each have their own layout (They look the same, just different colors) and won’t be on wordpress. As I complete them, I will link them on the index. The writing one will probably be up last as it will be the most time consuming.

When I am done with these, I will keep them & change the layouts as I change this one so they match somewhat. This is my birthday layout and there won’t be another until at least late August.

I don’t plan on spending much time at home this summer. I am going to attempt to get some sleep, can’t wait until Monday.

Extreme violence mod & house I built

I built this house today and its the first one I felt really comfortable uploading to the gallery, it’s a one bedroom 2 bathroom. The first floor is an open floor plan and the second floor is the master bedroom & master bath. It’s on the gallery, my origin name is Joleneisjojo


So I am on the sims studio forum and I come across the extreme violence mod: here is the trailer

I downloaded it but haven’t played it in game yet. I’ve been getting bored with game play, so I am going to test it out today.