Stop remaking The Amityville movie ; Please.

Came across this¬†article¬†tonight and someone is attempting to remake this movie again for what seems like the ninth time, the idea is dead and its been done over and over and over. I, myself, haven’t seen any of the movies because I think they are dumb in all honesty, The other major reason is that the murders really happened and I think it’s in bad taste to make movies about “supposed demons” being the reason that this family’s son killed them.

The true story has been over dramatized on film and people seem to forget (or don’t even know) that people were really murdered in that house.

I really think people are running out of good ideas for horror movies, the same ideas just keep getting used,

Remakes vs Originals

In general I usually prefer the original movie to the remake of a movie, especially horror movie remakes. I hated rob zombie’s remake of the first two Halloween movies but enjoy watching the original series. The remake of Stephen King’s IT is coming out in September 2017 and I am not expecting it to be better then the original to tell you the truth.

I saw IT for the first time when I was eight or nine and the movie did then and still does give me nightmares, This movie is the main reason of my fear of clowns.

What movie remakes do you prefer over the originals?
Are Originals always better then remakes in your opinion?