I read for fun…get over it

I get asked by people that don’t know me what I like to do for fun? When I answer I like to read, I always get the same reply. I either get “No I meant like to have a good time” or I get a stare and a shake of their head. I don’t know what ya’ll want me to say, that is what I do for fun.

In my twenties I smoked weed damn near every day, I drank a lot. I had several friends both male and female that I hung out with. Just like I remember the first time I ever smoked; it was in ECC North campus parking lot with a friend of mine, I was eighteen. I remember the day I quit; June nineteenth two-thousand nine. 

I don’t knock anyone who smokes, I have several friends and even family members who smoke. More power to you, however that’s not me anymore. To be honest I don’t even drink like that, ever since I blacked out for six hours back in  09…I rarely drink.

My point is some people look at me and think…I’m weird because I don’t party.

I think that’s why I connected with my SO so fast when I met him almost five years ago. When He asked what I liked to do for fun and I gave him my answer. I didn’t get that weird look, instead he told me he also enjoyed reading. When I went to the library on a regular basis, I would get books for him and myself. We would sit together and read.

Stop looking at people who don’t like the same things you do, as being weird or abnormal.  I read for fun, I go to libraries for fun. You like to go to clubs and parties? okay….don’t drink and drive. have fun. I’ll be reading.

Bored with life & with drama

I am bored with this blog, the site in general and my life to be frank, which is why I haven’t been blogging and why my site hasn’t any visitors (besides from fanlisting owners who come to check that I’ve linked back) and I want to do something about that. I am planning a complete overhall, hopefully to be completed by mid-month or this weekend (depending on if I can’t sleep and have enough coffee in me).

I have reached a point in my life where I am considering stopping communication with certain female people I call friends, I have never had so much drama in my life (in that department anyways) before I moved into this hell hole that they call an apartment building.

The building itself is not worth what the landlord charges for it, they don’t allow pets but that’s okay because the building comes with mice….yes for 600+ you too can have a small studio with everything included + mice. The landlord doesn’t care and will do nothing besides providing traps that don’t catch shit. Besides that I have been here a little over a year and seven people have died since I moved in, I believe the grim reaper is taking up residence here.

Now back to drama, there is this girl that moved in over the summer R and I have a friend N who is hates this girl on the sole fact of …… her man was in R’s face, I don’t have a problem with R at all and I think she is a very nice girl who has been nothing but kind to me. N comes to my apartment every morning and wants to unload drama (talk shit) about R and a mutual friend of ours S and I don’t like drama….I have very few female friends because of this.

I have held my tongue for long enough and next time N mentions R or S in anything drama like I am going to snap.

Needed to vent, Thanks.

Good Morning

Sorry that I haven’t been communicating with you all lately, I have been really depressed because of the holidays as my family and I aren’t speaking and it looks like D is once again out of the picture. N helped me a lot the other day, she went and bought me some food and has been a listening ear for me. I haven’t been talking to S, she’s been acting different since her boyfriend has been home. I called my friend C last night and talked to her for awhile, we made plans to spend new years eve weekend together and she is coming to my house for the weekend.

She is staying with her dad until she find a apartment and we have been friends for about four years but haven’t hung out in awhile. We are supposed to go downtown on new years eve, they have a free concert/ball drop thing every year and we went 2012/2013 and it as a lot of fun. I want to get on some income based listings for some apartments, I live in a very small studio apartment and although everything is included in my rent it is still 600 a month which is most of my disability check and I want to find something bigger that is based on my income.

I need to get back into counseling and I want to find a new doctors office but I can’t do anything until January when I am able to buy a bus pass. I hate where I go to the doctors now and I want to try to get back into elmwood health center where I used to go, I was kicked out for to many missed appointments. I just called elmwood health center and they won’t take me back but I found another doctors office and I made an appointment for February 20th.

I’m not doing much of anything this weekend, N told me she may be able to get a ride to the grocery store to get me a couple of things…I made her a list but she hasn’t text me back yet. We are under a snow storm warning, but so far Buffalo hasn’t gotten any snow, the south towns got a ton…I heard.