OpinionPLUS paid me but

After several emails back and forth, OpinionPLUS did pay me but they aren’t going on my list. I screenshot my reply (okay threat to them) and their reply was basically that they paid what they owed me but unless I verify my paypal account they couldn’t offer me anymore surveys.

My email basically said, that they could pay me via amazon and I recommended they offer amazon as an alternative to pay people who don’t have verified accounts. I also stated that I wasn’t making another paypal account just for their company and if they didn’t pay me. I told them that I had a blog and I wouldn’t refer anyone to their company so they paid me what they owed me.

You can sign up with them but do so at your own risk and be prepared that if you don’t have a verified account to argue with them about paying you.



I also discovered a new app called lifepoints which is offered through gobaltestmarkets (they are on my list) so I am pretty sure they pay but I will let you know. Also I have been under the weather so I haven’t felt like being online, I wanted to take a few days to calm down before I wrote this post.

I am going to make a scam list for survey sites

So I am waiting for a survey site I haven’t been paid from yet to pay me. So today I get a email from paypal that a penny was dropped in my account.  I go and read the message from the company that dropped a penny. They don’t want to pay me because my paypal isn’t verified and they don’t have another option for cash out.

Ya’ll already know my feelings on linking my bank account to paypal. Which is the only way to get a verified account.  there are whole sites dedicated to people who have been fucked over by paypal. here is one another one.

So I go over to the survey site and I send them an email basically telling them that I am not verifying my paypal account and that they can send me an amazon gift card. I also told them perhaps they should also offer another way to cash out like amazon.

I haven’t heard back if they don’t send me my money either via paypal or amazon. I am making a scam site list, and they are going on it.

Proof the survey sites on my list pay


Vetro Analytics inc is smart panel app, I have heard some rumors that smart panel doesn’t pay as you can see they do pay.

Tango card inc is Innopoll

Augeo incentive logic, LLC is springboardamerica from the app beta I did for them a couple months ago

Perks.com is Global Test Market

Quickrewards network is quickrewards.com (they are not on my list)

Branded Research, Inc is mintvine

Atta poll, LTD is the app atta poll

OneOpinion.com is oneopinion


I blacked out where a friend sent me money…The sites I haven’t listed in this post but are listed on the surveys list page, pay via amazon or other gift card.


Sample sites and how they work

There are a lot of sites that send full size or sample size products out in exchange for a review/survey or both. You can get the samples and not do the review or survey they request but you’ll end up on their don’t send this person anymore samples list and they won’t send you any samples. There are three main sites that I personally use and those are;

PinchMe ; This site has sample days once a month and its always on a Tuesday, their next sample day is the 18th. You are going to want to like their facebook page and say your going to their sample event. That way they will send you an email on sample tuesday and remind you. On pinchme you have to go on their site on sample day and collect. You are going to want to be on there right at noon, so they don’t run out of samples before you get yours. It doesn’t say to be there at noon but as someone who has been using this site for a year, trust me you want to be there at noon.  Then do the surveys/reviews they request of you if you want them to continue sending you samples.

samplesource.com ; This site sends samples whenever they have them and sometimes with an email that you have a box coming. Like with pinchme, they will send you a survey to fill out about the samples they have sent.

getexactly.co ; This site sends boxes out every season, I believe their next box is this month. Like samplesource they will just send the box out and like the two above they want you to review their products.


There are some companies that if you are on their mailing list they will send full sized products in exchange for a review. Dove is one of those companies.

The problem with not having a verified paypal account

The main problem with not having a verified paypal account is….

Sometimes some survey sites won’t pay you via paypal unless you have a verified account.

This is not a big issue for me as I will just cash out via amazon or another gift card (if they offer).

I don’t have a verified account, for one I don’t trust paypal to have access to my bank account and the other is as I told a friend of mine a couple of weeks ago, I like to keep my bank account and my paypal account separate. My bank account is for my rent & my bills, My paypal account (I have a business account so I have a debt card for paypal) is for my fun money.



Seven tips if you want to make money online

A couple of days ago a friend mentioned to me that she heard that there was an app that could make you thousands of dollars by just sitting on your phone. I honestly told her it was a scam but she seemed to want to argue with me. Instead of going that route I told her the apps that I use to make money via pay-pal or amazon that I have personally been paid by.

There isn’t an app out there that will pay you thousands of dollars a month by just having it installed, period. I’m sure there are apps that claim to make you thousands a month, but it’s a scam.

I have listed the apps & survey sites I have been personally paid by: #1 & # 2

– Make a separate email account just for online making money opportunities. I personally use Gmail and I have several gmail accounts for several things. I use the same email for the making money online & this blog.

– Use the same email for the sites you sign up with & with pay-pal. A lot of sites pay via pay-pal, so make sure the email you use with pay-pal is the same email you sign up on the sites with.

– Check your email a couple of times a week, if not every day. I check my main email, several times a day. A missed survey opportunity is missed money. A lot of surveys full up quickly and some only offer surveys for a couple of hours or for a set number of people.

– Always check through email that ends up in your spam box, don’t just delete spam. I’ve had surveys and other thing send up in spam, that weren’t spam. Again just deleting with out checking can sometimes mean missed money.

– Sign up for several different sites and keep them bookmarked, check these sites a couple of times a month.

– You can check surveypolice.com if you are not sure if a site is a scam.

– Don’t pay money to a survey site, if a site is real….they will pay you. You don’t have to pay money to make money.

A little bit of good news

If you been reading old blog posts you’d know that myself, being on a fixed income, I am apart of several survey panels which is my way of making some extra money (whether its through paypal or amazon) each month. I use my income monthly to take care of what I need (rent,bills,ect) so I use the surveys as something extra for what I want. Now sometimes I am invited to exclusive panels and right now (although I won’t mention which) I am in about five of these panels that I was invited too. Some run a couple of months, but a lot run for a year and they pay (some at the end, some during and they all run sweepstakes).

I just checked one of my emails and had an email from one of these panels that I was chosen as the winner of a sweepstakes, very excited about that and wanted to share a bit of good news. Honestly I haven’t won anything since back in September when I won that amazon GC.

Making money online ; Part 2

I-Say: https://www.i-say.com/

Survey site that pays in points, if you don’t qualify they still give you 5 points and after every survey you have a chance to play their poll predictor which gives you a chance to win prizes. I have cashed out with them once via amazon, they offer other gift cards as well as paypal.


Crowdtap:  http://crowdtap.com/

This site is different it’s not really just surveys, it is more like a community with polls, topics, surveys and discussion. They pay in points (different things offer different points) and the pay via amazon gift cards. I have cashed out with this company twice (as of today) and its a fun place to expression your own personal opinions.


Mobile Performance Meter: app in google play store

The device runs in the background on your phone and pays 5 points a day, offers many different ways to cash out (mostly gift cards).


Making money online ; is it possible

You are not going to making a living doing surveys and there is not a survey company out there that will pay you hundreds of dollars a month even though there are those who promise, its a scam, but most do pay and it takes time. Everyone wants a quick way to make money without putting in any effort or time, guess what…..it isn’t going to happen. I am going to give you the survey companies I use and apps that I use that actually pay, some pay by check, some pay by paypal and almost all of them offer rewards in gift cards…most offer rewards through amazon.

Smart Panel: https://smartpanel.io/en-US/

Install an app on your smartphones & laptop, keep it there and they will pay you five dollars a month for having the app installed. You have to wait thirty days (after you’ve made ten dollars), they pay via paypal and I have cashed out twice. They also email surveys sometimes and I’ve done a couple of those and received gift cards for amazon. The app takes up little space and its free money, for doing nothing.

ClixSense: https://www.clixsense.com/

This site offers PTC (paid to click), surveys, offers. If you just do their paid to click ads it will take you forever, the money is in their surveys. I have been paid by check (the first time you cashout with them, your only option is a check as they want to verify addresses, after that you can get paid online), they do not offer paypal anymore but they offer tango who has amazon gift cards. I have been paid by this company twice now.

HarrisPoll: https://www.harrispollonline.com

This site offers surveys that fill up quickly so you have to stay on top of your email, I have cashed out with them twice via amazon GC.


This is an app available in the google play store and similar to the smart panel, keep it installed and they pay in points (10 a day) which after time you can cash out via amazon, I’ve cashed out twice with this app. They also offer surveys.

Panel app:

This is another app in the google play store, leave it installed and answer quick surveys to rack up your points (mostly about places you have gone during certain days), you can wait until have enough points for a gift card or check or you can use your points and try to win one. I won a gift card from them and cashed out twice.