If I can’t trust the mailman to mail my letter who can I trust

On my way to the corner store to grab some cigarettes I stopped to check my mail and I got a magazine (people, thank you reward survey) and a letter from disability which I thought was their decision. So I opened the letter and was it their decision? oh no.

The letter stated that they hadn’t yet received a form they wanted me to fill out that they sent to me on July 11th. A form that I filled out and handed directly to the mailman to mail for me. A form that apparently didn’t get mailed, WTF.

Would it have been better for me to walk to the mailbox and mail it? apparently, I tried to call the office but it’s Friday and they were already closed. I left a message but the letter said they need the form by July 31st which is Monday. A form that I no longer have. Guess who will be getting up early Monday morning and calling to see if they can send me a replacement form. One that I will be dropping in the mailbox since the mailman can no longer be trusted.

OpinionPLUS paid me but

After several emails back and forth, OpinionPLUS did pay me but they aren’t going on my list. I screenshot my reply (okay threat to them) and their reply was basically that they paid what they owed me but unless I verify my paypal account they couldn’t offer me anymore surveys.

My email basically said, that they could pay me via amazon and I recommended they offer amazon as an alternative to pay people who don’t have verified accounts. I also stated that I wasn’t making another paypal account just for their company and if they didn’t pay me. I told them that I had a blog and I wouldn’t refer anyone to their company so they paid me what they owed me.

You can sign up with them but do so at your own risk and be prepared that if you don’t have a verified account to argue with them about paying you.



I also discovered a new app called lifepoints which is offered through gobaltestmarkets (they are on my list) so I am pretty sure they pay but I will let you know. Also I have been under the weather so I haven’t felt like being online, I wanted to take a few days to calm down before I wrote this post.

I am going to make a scam list for survey sites

So I am waiting for a survey site I haven’t been paid from yet to pay me. So today I get a email from paypal that a penny was dropped in my account.  I go and read the message from the company that dropped a penny. They don’t want to pay me because my paypal isn’t verified and they don’t have another option for cash out.

Ya’ll already know my feelings on linking my bank account to paypal. Which is the only way to get a verified account.  there are whole sites dedicated to people who have been fucked over by paypal. here is one another one.

So I go over to the survey site and I send them an email basically telling them that I am not verifying my paypal account and that they can send me an amazon gift card. I also told them perhaps they should also offer another way to cash out like amazon.

I haven’t heard back if they don’t send me my money either via paypal or amazon. I am making a scam site list, and they are going on it.

More drama

So N has gotten so many complaints to the office about her, (someone told me they were number eighteen) that management is evicting her. I personally didn’t complain but N thinks I did, Yesterday a friend of mine got a note under her door and went and told management about it. Then today she got another note naming a mutual friend of ours and me, I don’t like drama at all and I am being pulled into this which frankly I am not one of the people who complained about her.

N is the type of person who will smoke a blunt with you and then go in the bathroom and call the cops. Then when your house is getting raided, act all innocent like she has no clue what is going on. In other words she’s fake.  She loves to pin people against each other and when confronted, she cries and runs away.

If I have a problem with you, You’ll know about it. I’ll be the one to tell you.

I have been looking for an apartment and I am thinking of getting one with a friend of mine, I already put my notice in and have just been pushing it back until I find a new apartment.

This is why……

/Edit: Its wordpress…hopefully this theme works with the header I have…when wordpress stops being a bitch and lets me upload.  I like this theme/Edit



SO has asked me plenty of times why I don’t make websites professionally and the reason…the real reason is…sometimes it frustrates the hell out of me.

Last night I was going to edit the theme to match the rest of my site and wordpress kept (and is still) giving me an error when I try to upload a new header. I was literally screaming at my laptop last night.

I may have to change the theme… maybe its the theme not wordpress that is giving me an error. 


I have been having a lot of problems with google chrome today, it worked fine last night and then all day today it’s been giving me problems so I tried firefox. Firefox is blocking google & Gmail. It lets me see my blog but is blocking wordpress. I downloaded Opera, so far so good.

SO told me he ran into one of our neighbors the other night, she had the nerve to ask him if we could be quiet at night. This is the women who plays her music and TV so loud that I can’t watch tv or listen to music without head phones. She also screams at her EX on the phone in the middle of the night and watches TV really loud at four am.

I wanted to report her to the office a couple of times but they won’t do anything, She has a lot of nerve and it pissed me off so I started talking shit and I know she heard me and I was waiting for her to knock on our door.

Everyone in this building knows that I don’t start problems, I’ve been here two years and haven’t had any problems with anyone or the office. It’s pissing me off that this bitch (who is the second loudest on this floor) has the nerve to ask us to be quiet like I am the one disturbing her sleep.

I’m going to start looking for a bigger apartment, I am so sick of this shit.


I hate summer colds

I have been really sick with what I think is a cold mixed with some sort of stomach bug, what ever it is has me completely worn out and I hate it. I have been feeling like this since June 1st so I am thinking I got it from someone on the bus. Wifi is working for a change on a weekend *surprise surprise* so I am trying to update.

I have also been reading a lot and catching up on a couple of shows (Izombie & PLL), I am caught up to season three on Izombie and am taking a break and now watching PLL from the beginning.

SO has court for this dumb ass jay walking charge tomorrow, he got it in April for crossing the street on his way to work. If you follow me on twitter, I ranted about him being stopped for WWB (I trust you know what that means without me having to spell it out, its the same as DWB). Both he and I are surprised that he has to go to court for this BS, The cop car stopped before he crossed the street. Hopefully the judge will just dismiss the charge because its dumb.

I have my own issues with police in this city, but that is another story for another time. He’ll probably have to sit in court all day, I am sure there are more pressing issues the judge will need to deal with first.

Stop remaking The Amityville movie ; Please.

Came across this article tonight and someone is attempting to remake this movie again for what seems like the ninth time, the idea is dead and its been done over and over and over. I, myself, haven’t seen any of the movies because I think they are dumb in all honesty, The other major reason is that the murders really happened and I think it’s in bad taste to make movies about “supposed demons” being the reason that this family’s son killed them.

The true story has been over dramatized on film and people seem to forget (or don’t even know) that people were really murdered in that house.

I really think people are running out of good ideas for horror movies, the same ideas just keep getting used,

Why I don’t believe in…..

I will probably get some flack for this but I don’t follow a single religion, I do however believe in Jesus, I am Saved and have been since July 2005 and I have been baptized (this was my choice and something I wanted to do for me). I don’t read the bible as much as I should but I do pray and thank God for the things that are going good for me.

Growing up we weren’t taught to believe in anything, my parents gave us that choice and even though I never heard about God, I always knew there was one and I prayed a lot as a kid. After I became pregnant with my son, his father & his family were Christians and I decided to follow Christianity. However I do not agree with some things that are in the bible such as being gay is a choice. I don’t believe that, period and no amount of preaching to me will get me to change my mind. You can say I’m going to hell for that, it’s nothing I haven’t heard before.

I have had people tell me I’m not a Christian because I smoke and I’m not a Christian because I do this or do that. Christians I have met are the most judgmental people, they are the first people to tell you what you are doing wrong but are angry when people point out what they are doing wrong. For example there are some Christians that I know personally that will party on Friday & Saturday nights and then sit in Church on Sundays like their shit doesn’t stink.

A couple years ago I went to this church in my city and I also went to a womens bible study, now I ended up moving and didn’t attend the church as much and I decided not to go back when one of my close friends informed me that I was getting bad mouthed by women in the church whom I hadn’t spoken more then a couple of words with.

The only church I had ever felt comfortable in was the one I was baptized at, but it’s not in the city and I have no way to get there. There are certain things that have happened to me that “people of God” like to throw in my face and tell me how un-Christian I am, ya’ll can shove it.

There is only one person that can judge me, so the rest of you can pretend to be perfect on Sunday at Church and judge all you want. God knows who I am on the inside, He knows my heart and only He will judge me.

My head hurts

I generally try not to drink coffee late at night but I have had this super bad migraine since yesterday and it won’t go away, I tried to sleep and went to bed with it, then I woke up with it. Everything is bothering me, the light, the noise from the fan, the noise of the TV, the heat coming from the radiator. I tried to eat, not working. I tried taking a hot shower, not working so I give up. Maybe some hot coffee will break it enough so I can get some sleep. and I guess I will sleep with my cold rice pack tonight, again.