Three ways I save money on a monthly basis

Three ways that I personally use to save money every month

On Food: We all need food and food costs a lot of money.

At our house we order a monthly meat package, the place we order from delivers and has a lot of different meat packages as well as deli packages. This month we started ordering a deli package as well as a meat package and then just filled in at our local grocery store. Ordering a meat and deli package is way cheaper then buying meat at the grocery store and we get more bang for our buck. If you live in the Buffalo area I recommend Bobs Price Rite. They offer same day delivery if you order before Ten that morning. The delivery people are really nice and if you spend more then Twenty dollars you get a free box of little debby snacks, We ordered both a meat and deli package this month so we got two boxes.

On Laundry:

We rarely do laundry at a laundromat and we really only do big items there like blankets. A year and a half ago, money was really tight and we didn’t have extra money for anything and we were even had to go to food pantries monthly (this was before we started ordering meat packages). We had to do laundry by hand and what we have found is that it saves us a lot of money and even though we are not in the same place (money wise) as we were then, we still do laundry by hand.

On Entertainment:

I don’t pay for things I can get for free and this includes books,movies,tv shows,games,ect…there are plenty of ways around paying for things online. For ebooks, I have a very large section of ebooks and if you want a book (even new releases) I can get it for you…just comment. Tv shows & movies: Putlocker & 123movies are the sites that I personally use.