Last night I was fed up with media not letting me upload the header so  I just went in and edited the php. I didn’t want to do that because I am not used to using PHP, when I had a website in my late teens/early twenties…nobody was using wordpress back then. I figured it out though.

A friend of mine told me yesterday that I should be able to get a free bus pass every month since I am on disability. When I spoke to my case manager this afternoon it was something I mentioned when I asked her about the housing. She recommend that I let the office in my apartment building, know to push back my sixty day notice to September. She also said that I probably wouldn’t get a bus pass for July which is fine, I can buy one. She said she would try to get me one for August though so I don’t have to pay to get to my doctors appointments and such.

S told me awhile ago that I should try and get cabs to my appointments as I probably could with my breathing problems & arthritis. I never wanted to though, for one I don’t mind taking the metro…I never have. The other reason is waiting for a cab…is a pain in the ass, I’ve waited with S for plenty. I’d get home much faster if I just took the bus.

I stayed off of social media last night and all day, so no one could spoil the finale of PPL for me…I just finished watching it.

This is why……

/Edit: Its wordpress…hopefully this theme works with the header I have…when wordpress stops being a bitch and lets me upload.  I like this theme/Edit



SO has asked me plenty of times why I don’t make websites professionally and the reason…the real reason is…sometimes it frustrates the hell out of me.

Last night I was going to edit the theme to match the rest of my site and wordpress kept (and is still) giving me an error when I try to upload a new header. I was literally screaming at my laptop last night.

I may have to change the theme… maybe its the theme not wordpress that is giving me an error. 

Is my blog working it?

I got a comment recently but didn’t see it right away because it ended up in spam (Probably because whoever left it didn’t enter a name) that said my blog wasn’t working for them, is it doing it for anyone else?

It should work (the ones I checked) on chrome, firefox, microsoft edge & Opera browsers. It should also work on your phone, I only have android but it should also work on Iphones and tablets. The theme for the main site will be different on your phone (its blue, not pink on mine) and the side bars will be at the bottom.

With that being said, the persons comment was deleted because instead of a name it said employment something and I take that as spam, if you don’t want to use your name..use a fake name.

If anyone else is having problems viewing my site, comment on this post.

Good Afternoon

The content sections are up, you can get to them under Menu on the side and they are targeted to go into a new tap (if you are on a laptop or computer) or a new window if you are on a phone (I get a lot of people on phones). They are all targeted the same, so you won’t be able to have them all open at the same time unless you right click on them.

Some sections I am still working on, but the writing & site sections are completely up. I have all my poetry up and the three novels that I am working on, so check those out.


Awake 48 hrs & counting

As of midnight I had been awake for 48 hours, I spent Friday night downloading custom content for the sims, surfing sims forums and building a house in the sims. Last night I decided to work on this site and it took me two hours and I am still not tired.

I made separate layouts for different sections: Webmistress, Writings (poetry,stories,ect) & site info. I was going to work on those sections tonight (this morning) however I don’t feel like it. The layouts are done (graphic wise), I just have to code and get the pages up.

The three sections each have their own layout (They look the same, just different colors) and won’t be on wordpress. As I complete them, I will link them on the index. The writing one will probably be up last as it will be the most time consuming.

When I am done with these, I will keep them & change the layouts as I change this one so they match somewhat. This is my birthday layout and there won’t be another until at least late August.

I don’t plan on spending much time at home this summer. I am going to attempt to get some sleep, can’t wait until Monday.

Another sleepless night

I guess tonight will be another sleepless night, it’s only 1:03am but I can feel it. For now the wifi connection is holding steady (if my rent wasn’t so expensive I’d have my own private wifi) even though a couple of hours ago it kept dropping and I was yelling, pissed. I saw there was a hit and run around the area that D lives in (around ten pm), so I sent him a text making sure he was okay and He just called me back (about a half hour ago). I am currently reading blogs (something I rarely do) and listening to music on Pandora.

My migraine is still holding strong, I wanted to read for a while (the first book I am doing for my reading challenge) from my pounding head is making it impossible to read via the kindle app on my phone.  I am getting a lot of visitors from Buffalo and it is making me kind of nervous that I know these people, say something…comment.

I am getting tired of the black/red combo, going to have to change that soon…maybe something more spring/summer like.

Bored with life & with drama

I am bored with this blog, the site in general and my life to be frank, which is why I haven’t been blogging and why my site hasn’t any visitors (besides from fanlisting owners who come to check that I’ve linked back) and I want to do something about that. I am planning a complete overhall, hopefully to be completed by mid-month or this weekend (depending on if I can’t sleep and have enough coffee in me).

I have reached a point in my life where I am considering stopping communication with certain female people I call friends, I have never had so much drama in my life (in that department anyways) before I moved into this hell hole that they call an apartment building.

The building itself is not worth what the landlord charges for it, they don’t allow pets but that’s okay because the building comes with mice….yes for 600+ you too can have a small studio with everything included + mice. The landlord doesn’t care and will do nothing besides providing traps that don’t catch shit. Besides that I have been here a little over a year and seven people have died since I moved in, I believe the grim reaper is taking up residence here.

Now back to drama, there is this girl that moved in over the summer R and I have a friend N who is hates this girl on the sole fact of …… her man was in R’s face, I don’t have a problem with R at all and I think she is a very nice girl who has been nothing but kind to me. N comes to my apartment every morning and wants to unload drama (talk shit) about R and a mutual friend of ours S and I don’t like drama….I have very few female friends because of this.

I have held my tongue for long enough and next time N mentions R or S in anything drama like I am going to snap.

Needed to vent, Thanks.

Revamp and updates

I haven’t really been working on my site as of late, I am planning on doing a site-wide revamp coming up next month, probably next weekend. I have been sick and in pain, as the weather here in Buffalo has been warm-cold-warm-raining-snow-repeat and it’s messing with my allergies & my arthritis.

Coming in this revamp is new layout/theme, new subpages, ect.

I have moved my linked fanlistings off wordpress and you can find them at

New layout

I don’t know if anyone even comes here anymore but I thought the site deserved a new look, so here it is. I hope I can start to blog more in the coming months, I have lost motivation to blog or have anything to do with anything online period. I have fallen behind in everything, sorry.