New novel

I have started working on a new novel called Unhappily Ever After


Having a name like Romance should have guaranteed a little bit of good luck, however having the name Dead as a last name cancels out her luck…completely. A thirty-something year old who leaves a trail of broken relationships in her path…..not just her own either.


What do you think? would you read it or is it not your style?

Goals for 2017

I try not to make new years resolutions because I never keep them but instead I make goals, My goals for this year are to complete a book and self publish and to lose weight. I already lost twenty pounds without trying and I have about 40 to meet my goal weight left.

I haven’t really been blogging and I want to change that and try to blog every week, I don’t really do much so I don’t really have a whole lot to talk about.

So sorry

I have been neglecting this site, I know, story of my life. D and I are back together, I don’t think I will ever, truly be completely done with him.

There was another death in my building this past Friday, that makes three this year. A lot of us are still reeling from his death and no one was expecting this, to tell you the truth. I am going to try and design something new for my site, I haven’t really been on the computer that much.