Disclaimer ; Please Read

Nocturnal Dreams is a personal blog which means I write about personal things including but not limited to;

Friends, My relationship, The building I live in, Ranting about anything I want, my mental health, my physical health, Whoever pissed me off, ect.

Nocturnal Dreams is not a lifestyle blog, I know those are all the rage right now…if you have one great. This is not one of those.

If you are offended by cursing, you shouldn’t be here.

I don’t mention names, If I am speaking about someone I will use an initial or I will speak generally; neighbor, friend, SO, bitch on the bus are some examples you may see in my posts.

I will not approve your comment if it includes anything racist, sexist or pornographic.

I usually post a couple of times a week.  My site works fine on android, Iphones & tablets and I have tested it on the following browsers; Chrome, Firefox, Opera & Microsoft Edge.