Good Wednesday Morning

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I started off this morning at four and started to check my main email which currently (and always it seems) has over 1500 emails in the inbox. These emails are mostly surveys from the different survey companies I am a member of and email from different communities or panels I have been invited too. Some are companies that held contests and now I get their emails, ect.

I had a couple of emails from bloglovin and I came across in one of those emails, I remember watching her show when I actually had the food network channel. So for the last two hours instead of checking email, I have been on her site.

I am enjoying a cup of coffee and putting off hanging up this laundry that we did last night and BF rung out before he left for class. Tried out some detergent that I got in a sample last month from and it smells so good.

I am planning (please note I said planning) on doing a couple of product reviews this weekend as I have gotten (and bought) some new things in the last couple of weeks. I’d rather do them when He is not here so maybe tomorrow or Friday I can get one or two done.

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