More drama

So N has gotten so many complaints to the office about her, (someone told me they were number eighteen) that management is evicting her. I personally didn’t complain but N thinks I did, Yesterday a friend of mine got a note under her door and went and told management about it. Then today she got another note naming a mutual friend of ours and me, I don’t like drama at all and I am being pulled into this which frankly I am not one of the people who complained about her.

N is the type of person who will smoke a blunt with you and then go in the bathroom and call the cops. Then when your house is getting raided, act all innocent like she has no clue what is going on. In other words she’s fake.  She loves to pin people against each other and when confronted, she cries and runs away.

If I have a problem with you, You’ll know about it. I’ll be the one to tell you.

I have been looking for an apartment and I am thinking of getting one with a friend of mine, I already put my notice in and have just been pushing it back until I find a new apartment.

Tell me how you feel