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I have been having a lot of problems with google chrome today, it worked fine last night and then all day today it’s been giving me problems so I tried firefox. Firefox is blocking google & Gmail. It lets me see my blog but is blocking wordpress. I downloaded Opera, so far so good.

SO told me he ran into one of our neighbors the other night, she had the nerve to ask him if we could be quiet at night. This is the women who plays her music and TV so loud that I can’t watch tv or listen to music without head phones. She also screams at her EX on the phone in the middle of the night and watches TV really loud at four am.

I wanted to report her to the office a couple of times but they won’t do anything, She has a lot of nerve and it pissed me off so I started talking shit and I know she heard me and I was waiting for her to knock on our door.

Everyone in this building knows that I don’t start problems, I’ve been here two years and haven’t had any problems with anyone or the office. It’s pissing me off that this bitch (who is the second loudest on this floor) has the nerve to ask us to be quiet like I am the one disturbing her sleep.

I’m going to start looking for a bigger apartment, I am so sick of this shit.


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