10 Random Facts Monday

I’ve been seriously slacking on my writing, so while SO is at work (on monday, he usually has off) I thought I would try to get one chapter each written for the four fiction novels and maybe one for the non fiction, today. This is exactly the reason that if I do get published I want it to be on my terms, I don’t like being told I have to write.


10 Random FactsI haven’t done this in a couple months.

  • I hate being told that I have to do something, this includes cleaning and writing. I’d rather do something when the mood hits rather then being on a deadline
  •  I love music, it is like oxygen to me and my tastes vary…I will listen to anything
  • My favorite song changes at the moment it is stuck between Say you won’t let go by James Arthur and Stand by you by Rachel Platten
  • I don’t have a favorite book…. I have many favorite books, asking me to pick is like asking me which arm I’d like to keep….I can’t choose.
  • I can be outgoing and talkative but I can also be shy and reserved, its the gemini in me.
  • I can not spell to save my life, I use spell check a lot….if I had to spell to literally save my life, I’d be dead
  • I have a really big heart, if I can afford to help someone, I will. Sometimes people take advantage.
  • The closest person I currently have as a female best friend, I have only known a year I met her a week before my birthday, last year
  • I have a really bad temper, I don’t lose my cool a lot but when I do nothing and no one can calm me down. Its best not to continue pushing my buttons when I get like that.
  • I hold grudges, like you wouldn’t believe. I don’t hate anyone but there are some people that I dislike greatly, enough to where if they were on fire…I would walk right past them.

Is my blog working it?

I got a comment recently but didn’t see it right away because it ended up in spam (Probably because whoever left it didn’t enter a name) that said my blog wasn’t working for them, is it doing it for anyone else?

It should work (the ones I checked) on chrome, firefox, microsoft edge & Opera browsers. It should also work on your phone, I only have android but it should also work on Iphones and tablets. The theme for the main site will be different on your phone (its blue, not pink on mine) and the side bars will be at the bottom.

With that being said, the persons comment was deleted because instead of a name it said employment something and I take that as spam, if you don’t want to use your name..use a fake name.

If anyone else is having problems viewing my site, comment on this post.

Wifi is acting normal for now

I was offline all weekend but not because I wanted to be, the buildings wifi kept dropping me so I spent my weekend catching up on PPL and I am caught up to current although I haven’t watched yesterdays episode yet…I am thinking I may wait until I have the final episode and then watch it and be done with it….as I did for Vampire diaries when that ended.

I was pleasantly surprised when i checked my stats and found my blog was rather popular yesterday, 47 hits and none of them were me. The contest is still open, refer to this post until June 24th so you can still get your entries in. I will buy the game after the contest closes on the 24th at eight pm EST and contact the winner that night or on the 25th, which I will also make a blog post announcing who won.

I also added a new site to apps & surveys that pay page, so check it out if you like magazines. SO and I have talked, we are both sick of the wifi dropping, he is especially when he is at my house so he is going to give me half of the fee for getting a internet connection in my name…planning that for when I get paid next week since they need a card on file. It makes sense as I make more money when I have a constant wifi signal then when I don’t.

This building is a hot mess

I have never lived in an apartment building that gave out so many notices, its like living in a……I don’t even know how to describe it

This one states no topless men or women in the common ares, ahh….what sluts are walking around topless???????  It wouldn’t state it if it hasn’t happened, why does this even need to be stated. There aren’t that many single women in the building, most of the women who live here live with their men.

It says shirts & shoes are required in common areas, but doesn’t say anything about pants. Don’t be giving those topless women any ideas, Monday we will probably get a notice that says pants are required also.

I guess sometimes its too hot for clothes

and this is why I stay in my apartment most of the time, SO called me last night from the patio to make sandwiches for him and his friend…..That was the first time I went outside since Monday.


I have been having a lot of problems with google chrome today, it worked fine last night and then all day today it’s been giving me problems so I tried firefox. Firefox is blocking google & Gmail. It lets me see my blog but is blocking wordpress. I downloaded Opera, so far so good.

SO told me he ran into one of our neighbors the other night, she had the nerve to ask him if we could be quiet at night. This is the women who plays her music and TV so loud that I can’t watch tv or listen to music without head phones. She also screams at her EX on the phone in the middle of the night and watches TV really loud at four am.

I wanted to report her to the office a couple of times but they won’t do anything, She has a lot of nerve and it pissed me off so I started talking shit and I know she heard me and I was waiting for her to knock on our door.

Everyone in this building knows that I don’t start problems, I’ve been here two years and haven’t had any problems with anyone or the office. It’s pissing me off that this bitch (who is the second loudest on this floor) has the nerve to ask us to be quiet like I am the one disturbing her sleep.

I’m going to start looking for a bigger apartment, I am so sick of this shit.


I hate summer colds

I have been really sick with what I think is a cold mixed with some sort of stomach bug, what ever it is has me completely worn out and I hate it. I have been feeling like this since June 1st so I am thinking I got it from someone on the bus. Wifi is working for a change on a weekend *surprise surprise* so I am trying to update.

I have also been reading a lot and catching up on a couple of shows (Izombie & PLL), I am caught up to season three on Izombie and am taking a break and now watching PLL from the beginning.

SO has court for this dumb ass jay walking charge tomorrow, he got it in April for crossing the street on his way to work. If you follow me on twitter, I ranted about him being stopped for WWB (I trust you know what that means without me having to spell it out, its the same as DWB). Both he and I are surprised that he has to go to court for this BS, The cop car stopped before he crossed the street. Hopefully the judge will just dismiss the charge because its dumb.

I have my own issues with police in this city, but that is another story for another time. He’ll probably have to sit in court all day, I am sure there are more pressing issues the judge will need to deal with first.

Remixed telling of fairy tales ; A is for Adam

If you know me personally you know that I love to read and have since I was very young. You’d also know that I am very picky and tend to re-read my favorite authors books over and over, Rather then reading books from authors I never have before. However recently I have been venturing into unknown ground and am currently getting several authors newsletters as well as following them on social media.

I received a newsletter a couple of days ago with recommendations as well as summaries for an author named Marc Richard. Before a couple of days ago I had never heard of him before so I went to his website: http://marcrichardauthor.com/ and found out that by signing up for his newsletter I would receive the first three novellas of The Alphabet Series in exchange for a review.

If you would rather not review, they are on amazon both as separate items and as a box set here.

I have gotten a lot of ebooks for free in exchange for reviews, in which I have given both good and bad reviews on depending on my personal preference how much I did or didn’t enjoy the book.With that being said, here is my review of the first novella in the series: A is for Adam.


A is for Adam is a retelling of the Book of Genesis…Kind of. It’s actually a complete misunderstanding of the first book in the Bible. If you have a huge stick up your ass otherwise known as living without any sense of humor, you shouldn’t read this book or any of these books in the series.

For the rest of you, I don’t often recommend books but everyone (18+, kids shouldn’t read these books) should read these. I made the mistake of reading while I was eating lunch and almost choked I was laughing so hard and the fact I couldn’t put it down until the last page made the experience even better.


This book goes off the meter with me when it comes to star rating system. Five stars all the way.






Win The sims 4 parenthood gamepack

I am running my first every giveaway one lucky reader of my blog will win the sims 4 Parenthood game pack.

The Rules

Comment on this post AND another post of mine of your choosing, The comment on the post you choose has to be relevant to the post.

Fill out the contact form below, with a email that you check on a regular basis and your name.

The pack will be digital, I will email the product code to the winner so you can claim the game via Origin.


That is it, The winner will be chosen on June 25th, 2017 and you have until June 24th, 2017 at eight PM EST to enter.







Being diagnosed with a mental health disorder is stressful for both the person suffering from it and the people around them. As someone who has been dealing with multiple mental health diagnoses since I was very young and being told that there was nothing wrong with me constantly by everyone around me is why I turned to writing when I was twelve years old.

I have heard it all from there is nothing wrong with you to its all in your head to you had a great childhood, what do you have to be depressed about. Having a Depression diagnoses and being depressed for a day or two are two completely different things. A mental health diagnoses DOES NOT discriminate. Young, Old, White, Black, Asian, Rich, Poor, Famous, ect. Anyone can suffer and shouldn’t be bullied or ridiculed for it.

If you suffer from a mental health diagnoses whatever it may be, There is nothing wrong with you, You are normal and it is not your fault. 

I am 34 years old, I have used self-harm as a coping skill since I was ten years old. I have attempted suicide six times since age 15. I have been in counseling since I was thirteen, I have had different diagnoses over the last thirteen years. I have been hospitalized twice.  I have been bullied, both physically and emotionally by both my peers and people older then me. Through all of this, I am not ashamed and I am not alone.

I have always been very open online that I suffer and you should be too, don’t wait for a hashtag on January 25th to talk about your experiences. One comment, One post can save someone’s life  who thinks they are alone and told they should be ashamed.Someone who feels that the only way they can be happy and free is by killing themselves.

If you are suffering from any kind of mental health disorder or you just need someone to talk to, please comment or if you don’t feel comfortable with that fill out the form and I will respond.



If there is anyone in your life who is suffering, just listen to them and try to understand. If you don’t take anything else from this post, please take that.