Poetry ; Her Pain


A girl, a mirror, a knife
A way to end the pain
Can’t wait another day
Cuts cover her body
Another way to take the pain away

She’s confused, she doesn’t know what
To do, to live or die
She has to choose
Footsteps in the hallway
Tell her, her mother is home

Sadness and depression is all
She has known
She grabs a knife
And cuts deep into her flesh

The emotional pain subsides
As she waits for death
Her mother walks in the bathroom
To find her daughter on the floor
She’s not breathing anymore

Her mother is hysterical on the
Phone with 911 screaming at them
To hurry up and come
At the hospital she’s strapped to a bed
Cursing herself for not being dead

Next time she promises, there will be no mistakes.
She’s determined to end this whatever it takes
Her mother sits next to her, tears stream her face
She doesn’t understand why her daughters this way

No words can explain why the girl feels this way,
all she knows is being dead is the only way to end her pain



Poetry ; Her Choice


She drags the knife across
her skin once more
No longer caring
who will find her this way

Things can never be like they were before
She can’t be put back together again
She has long stopped caring about right and wrong
She knows not everything is black & white,
It’s time for her to give up this fight

Tears, Hurt and Pain
A breakdown’s on the way
Time doesn’t heal everything
She’s at a crossroad, She has to make a choice

This is the end no turning back now
pools of blood on the floor
is what He came home to
The lifeless body of the one he loved,
if only He knew all the pain she went through

maybe it wouldn’t have ended this way,
Someone has to pay
Now two lives are gone just from the choice she made


Poetry ; Is that Love?


the way you touch me
the way you talk to me
the way you feel
Is that love
the things we share
the secrets we’ve told
the tears we’ve cried
Is that love
you say you don’t know what love is
but I think you do
you’ve described it so clearly
Is that love
the time you’ve spent
the way you make sure i’m okay
the way you look at me
Is that love
we fight and we argue
but nothing has changed
my feelings are there
always staying the same
Is that love
yes that’s love

Poetry ; I Pray


You lift me up
you take me down
I go through things when you’re not around
I take your hand
you walk me through the darkness of the things that I choose
I pray to you when things are rough
I want to see the bright side of things
I wonder if Things will get better
or if I will keep going through these hardships
I still pray to you when things are rough
you make me feel as if I can get through anything

Poetry ; Dead


Darkness, emptiness
a blackness deep inside
a life not worth living
a deadness that fills me up

I walk deep into the woods
the trees cover the sky
the blackness,
the deepness covers my soul

I am empty,
but you wouldn’t know
I hide myself, you can’t see my soul
I walk next to you side by side

You don’t know the pain
I feel day after day
I smile, but inside I want to cry
The tears turn to blood

I am dead inside, soul is empty
mind is free

Poetry ; Lost Love


she looked down
her smile fake
her eyes bright
with the tears
she makes

One look from him
sends her heart
array, but once
he gets taken away
her heart goes astray

Everyone always leaves her
that’s what plays over in her mind
no one ever stays
no one ever has the time

She’s all alone, she always has been
the lies and the games
they don’t matter now
her chance at love is gone
and all that’s left
is the memory

The mistakes she’s made
through out her past
is what the future holds
none of it will ever last

the memories is all she’s
left with now, of a future
love that will never be found.

Poetry ; Violated


I’ve been violated in prison in my own mind
wishing it had never happened to me
how would it be, if i never had to go through what i did
wishing i could turn back time in my mind,
could i have fought back more then i did, scream louder until
someone heard and came running in

He took something from me, i didn’t want him to have.
I didn’t give him permission to get inside my head.
He said i wanted it but that’s just not true,
cause if i wanted it i wouldn’t be dead inside.

Now i have these scars that can’t be mend,
visions of that day still haunt my being
have to look behind me every step that i take
looking in every shadow scared to death that
someone will grab me and do it again

I pray to god to take away this pain,
but once you’ve been violated, things will never be the same.

Poetry ; Mind of Mental Illness


Do you know how it feels to walk into a room
and have the people you care about
tell you there’s nothing wrong with you

Do you know what it’s like to just sit and cry
and not have a clue as to the reason why

Do you know what it’s like to go into a rage,
slice up your arms
and not remember a thing the next day

Do you know how it feels to have to hide your arms,
because you don’t want to explain about your physical scars

Do you know what it’s like to have CPS called,
because some nosy nurse said you throw knifes at your son

Do you know how it feels to have to depend on pills
to make you feel whole, even though in the back of your mind,
you hold on to the fear that you’ll overdose and die

Do you know how it feels to lock yourself in a room
and not want to talk to the people who care about you

Do you know what it’s like to hear voices in your head
telling you, you’re worthless and you’re better off dead

Do you know how it feels to start believing those lies,
because that is what you heard your entire life

Do you know what it’s like to not be able to talk to someone, who is paid to help you out.
You keep your pain inside, tell them everything is fine, then go home to cry and befriend the knife.

If you don’t know what it’s like, then don’t judge me, cause you just gotĀ Fucking lucky.

Poetry ; Stained Glass


A stained glass picture frame
that holds the photo of what you
and me used to be, hanging above the window
showing our happiness. I’m reminded of the
short time we had together, you were my angel
like no other above.

Wings beating in the open wind, of a single dove
showed me how strong our love was, why did you
have to be taken away from me. I think about only
the good times we had and shut out the bad ones in a closet
inside my mind, all i have left are the memories.

I’ll never get to see your face again, stare into your big
brown eyes. I’ll never get to hug you again, feel your lips
on mine, sometimes i wonder where you are and if you still think
about me. It’s been 5 years, but every day that passes, i hope
my tears will fade.

Poetry ; Broken Wings


She sits there crying
no one knows why, no one knows
who she is. She wants to speak
but she doesn’t know how, every night
she stares at the sky hoping her
love will come and even through
she prays her hardest he never
returns. She wishes with all
her heart that people would just
grow up and accept her for
who she is, but it hasn’t happened yet
and she is so sick of peoples lies
and that pain that so many of you have
put her through. She escapes through
her words, her written words, but she
fears even though she writes her feelings
no one understands. She was a angel sent
from above to help each of you, but you
cursed her with your words and broke her
wings with your thoughts.

Poetry ; One Day


One day i know i will have the strength to
just get up and leave, but right now things
aren’t working for me to just leave everything behind.

One day i will just spread my wings and fly away,
but right now there is to much at stake for me to
leave my world and find another.

One day everything will be okay and i will be able to
get away from all the hatred and the pain that so many
have blinded me with.

One day i will be able to say no and leave you standing there,
One day i will be able to walk away with out the tears that stream down my face now.

One day you will be begging for me to come back, as i walk
away with out words.
One day i will do what i want to do, when i want to do it.
One day i will have the strength to walk out the
door and have all the freedom i have always wanted.

Poetry ; Rain


Grey clouds blend the sky
big wet rain drops fall
on my head
leaving me drenched with my
sorrow for you are gone
and won’t be coming back

Reaching up i see a tree
for one that lighting struck
falling for me
and as i see i do
not move

i just reach up toward the sky
with open arms as if welcoming
them in to me
then as if a sign a branch
falls next to me
the sky clears up and
i see that maybe there’s hope