Sample sites and how they work

There are a lot of sites that send full size or sample size products out in exchange for a review/survey or both. You can get the samples and not do the review or survey they request but you’ll end up on their don’t send this person anymore samples list and they won’t send you any samples. There are three main sites that I personally use and those are;

PinchMe ; This site has sample days once a month and its always on a Tuesday, their next sample day is the 18th. You are going to want to like their facebook page and say your going to their sample event. That way they will send you an email on sample tuesday and remind you. On pinchme you have to go on their site on sample day and collect. You are going to want to be on there right at noon, so they don’t run out of samples before you get yours. It doesn’t say to be there at noon but as someone who has been using this site for a year, trust me you want to be there at noon.  Then do the surveys/reviews they request of you if you want them to continue sending you samples. ; This site sends samples whenever they have them and sometimes with an email that you have a box coming. Like with pinchme, they will send you a survey to fill out about the samples they have sent. ; This site sends boxes out every season, I believe their next box is this month. Like samplesource they will just send the box out and like the two above they want you to review their products.


There are some companies that if you are on their mailing list they will send full sized products in exchange for a review. Dove is one of those companies.

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