Seven tips if you want to make money online

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A couple of days ago a friend mentioned to me that she heard that there was an app that could make you thousands of dollars by just sitting on your phone. I honestly told her it was a scam but she seemed to want to argue with me. Instead of going that route I told her the apps that I use to make money via pay-pal or amazon that I have personally been paid by.

There isn’t an app out there that will pay you thousands of dollars a month by just having it installed, period. I’m sure there are apps that claim to make you thousands a month, but it’s a scam.

I have listed the apps & survey sites I have been personally paid by: #1 & # 2

– Make a separate email account just for online making money opportunities. I personally use Gmail and I have several gmail accounts for several things. I use the same email for the making money online & this blog.

– Use the same email for the sites you sign up with & with pay-pal. A lot of sites pay via pay-pal, so make sure the email you use with pay-pal is the same email you sign up on the sites with.

– Check your email a couple of times a week, if not every day. I check my main email, several times a day. A missed survey opportunity is missed money. A lot of surveys full up quickly and some only offer surveys for a couple of hours or for a set number of people.

– Always check through email that ends up in your spam box, don’t just delete spam. I’ve had surveys and other thing send up in spam, that weren’t spam. Again just deleting with out checking can sometimes mean missed money.

– Sign up for several different sites and keep them bookmarked, check these sites a couple of times a month.

– You can check if you are not sure if a site is a scam.

– Don’t pay money to a survey site, if a site is real….they will pay you. You don’t have to pay money to make money.

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