Short females complain to much….

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I saw a meme on facebook yesterday that I believe came from the whisper app that had me on pause, something about being so short that the sun visor in the car wasn’t any help. Now me being an tall female, who is constantly asked how tall I am every damn time I leave the house, has come to the conclusion females of average or below average height need to take a damn seat some where.

As far as I’m concerned, ya’ll got it made but still find some damn reason to complain. I am sure that you don’t get questions about how tall you are on the daily or have trouble finding clothes long enough. Ya’ll don’t have to spend fifty dollars on pants unless you want too, I am 6’2″ and don’t have a friggin choice unless I don’t want them to fit right or be long enough.

  • If clothes are too long on you, you can get them shortened. If they are too short on me, guess what I’m shit out of luck and I have just wasted my damn time/money.
  • Ya’ll can shop anywhere you want to including online, the only thing I can shop online for is sneakers/shoes.


Ya’ll can sit comfortably in a car, I can’t, I have yet to be in a car where my knees aren’t pushed up against the dashboard & my head not hitting the roof. The sun is in your eyes? go buy a friggin pair of sun glasses and shut the fuck up.

I wish I was tall like you


Okay, we can trade because I would love to leave my house and have one day where I am not stared at like people never seen a tall female before, asked how tall I am and/or do I play basketball. I am all for trading.


You are tall


*Blank stare* Thank you for pointing that out, I had no idea. This statement was completely pointless, and I have no idea how to reply and it’s worse that you are looking at me like I should reply.


If you see me in public and ask me how tall I am, be prepared for the follow up question when I ask how short you are. Let me answer questions right now? 6’2″ and I don’t play basketball. You aren’t tall unless you are 6’0″ or above.


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