The Site

Nocturnal Dream is my blog/personal/writing site, although I mostly blog and have a few personal things about me. Once I revamp my writings, those will also be here. I am hosted by Tiffany, and have been open since April 2016.

My very first webpage was made in 1996 when I was 13 and was one page that my father helped me make on his work domain, before that I would surf the web but didn’t really know anything about webpages. My father gave me a book on HTML soon after I made the first webpage and I read the book cover to cover and taught myself how to code.

I always enjoyed writing so I opened up my first website on Geocities, then ended up moving it to where I played around with html and graphics, when I was 14 in 1997, I started a series called Cast of Love and posted it on my site which back then was called ButterflyGurl. I continued to write books for that series, and I applied to be hosted by a girl, I think her name was Jen (I could be wrong) and her domain was something (something like that, I don’t remember), she accepted me and I stayed at her domain for a

I switched hosts a lot, I really do not remember everywhere I was hosted. In 1999 when I was 17, I won a contest for a domain name & space that someone (I don’t remember who) was giving away and I had the domain for a year, although I do not remember what the name was. When that expired, because I didn’t have the money to renew, I gave it up and was hosted again until 2002 when my computer crashed and I lost everything including the
five books I had under series Cast of Love.

After that I gave up on websites, and was more into email. I still visited webpages (I had a lot of favorites) and was active on plenty of fourms. From 2003 to 2007 I was more into the zineworld on aol, even though I didn’t have aol I was very active and had several zines, one which carried on for many years, it was a diary zine.

In 2008, My computer crashed again and I was into yahoogroups at the time. I gave up websites for a long time, Two years ago (in 2014) I bought a laptop after not having one for years, I missed blogging so I opened up a blog on a free site and eventually moved over to another free site. I really missed having a personal site, I made one (to show I know HTML and I can design) and applied to be hosted on four different sites. Tiffany was the first to respond, so I grabbed the chance to be hosted again.