This building is a hot mess

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I have never lived in an apartment building that gave out so many notices, its like living in a……I don’t even know how to describe it

This one states no topless men or women in the common ares, ahh….what sluts are walking around topless???????  It wouldn’t state it if it hasn’t happened, why does this even need to be stated. There aren’t that many single women in the building, most of the women who live here live with their men.

It says shirts & shoes are required in common areas, but doesn’t say anything about pants. Don’t be giving those topless women any ideas, Monday we will probably get a notice that says pants are required also.

I guess sometimes its too hot for clothes

and this is why I stay in my apartment most of the time, SO called me last night from the patio to make sandwiches for him and his friend…..That was the first time I went outside since Monday.

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