Wifi is acting normal for now

I was offline all weekend but not because I wanted to be, the buildings wifi kept dropping me so I spent my weekend catching up on PPL and I am caught up to current although I haven’t watched yesterdays episode yet…I am thinking I may wait until I have the final episode and then watch it and be done with it….as I did for Vampire diaries when that ended.

I was pleasantly surprised when i checked my stats and found my blog was rather popular yesterday, 47 hits and none of them were me. The contest is still open, refer to this post until June 24th so you can still get your entries in. I will buy the game after the contest closes on the 24th at eight pm EST and contact the winner that night or on the 25th, which I will also make a blog post announcing who won.

I also added a new site to apps & surveys that pay page, so check it out if you like magazines. SO and I have talked, we are both sick of the wifi dropping, he is especially when he is at my house so he is going to give me half of the fee for getting a internet connection in my name…planning that for when I get paid next week since they need a card on file. It makes sense as I make more money when I have a constant wifi signal then when I don’t.

Tell me how you feel